Online ShipTogether Fundraiser

Our Online ShipTogether fundraiser was created to make fundraising easy! Using a simple link or QR code, your supporters order socks at exclusive wholesale prices and raise funds for your cause! At the end of the fundraiser, we deliver socks to your organization to sort and distribute.

Your personalized Fundraiser Dashboard provides real-time updates to motivate your fundraisers and maximize your sales!

Did You Know That 50% of Individuals in the USA Give Socks as Gifts?

Offering socks as a fundraiser is one of the hottest fundraisers right now, ESPECIALLY during the holiday season. With Sockable Fundraising USA, you're fundraising with an in-demand product, setting yourself up for fundraising SOCKcess!

Here's why organizations love an Online ShipTogether Fundraiser!

No unsold stock - we'll only ever send you the socks your supporters have ordered, there's no need to worry about excess stock.

No minimum order - we'll process your order no matter how many socks you sell. You have freedom to try our fundraiser without worrying about minimums.

No money hassles - we'll process orders and payment using our secure online payment portal. That means no money handling, and no tech skills required - we'll handle the setup for you. Perfect if you're low on volunteers.

Exclusive wholesale pricing - our socks are priced at $6 for children's socks and $8 for adult socks. This is the lowest price you will pay for individual pairs of socks in our online store.

One delivery to your organization - we pass on the savings of combined shipping. There are no delivery or payment processing fees charged to your supporters. They pay the cost of the socks, and that's all! When your socks arrive, you will need to sort socks into orders ready to distribute. A little volunteer time saves a lot on shipping!

Real time stats with our Fundraiser Dashboard - you're in control of your fundraising success. See live stats on how many sales you have made and how much you have raised, at any time of the day or night. Keep your fundraisers motivated and watch your fundraising skyrocket!

  • 1. Book Online

    Use our easy online form to book your fundraiser. Choose your own start and finish dates. We recommend running your fundraiser for a maximum of 30 days.

  • 2. Prepare for Launch

    Within one business day you will receive an invite you to your Fundraiser Dashboard. You must accept this invite to access your unique fundraiser link. Want to track individual profits? Create up to 10 unique links for your fundraiser.

  • 3. Launch Your Campaign

    Share your link(s) with your supporters! All they need to do is click the link to go to our website and order. Our site will display a banner showing your fundraiser name every time a supporters visits our store using your unique link.

  • 4. See Live Campaign Insights

    See real time statistics in your Fundraiser Dashboard! See how much you’ve raised, how many orders you’ve received and even what your best selling socks are! We’ll notify you every time you receive an order!

  • 5. Order Fulfilment

    At the end of your fundraiser, we’ll ship socks to you to sort and distribute using your Individual Order Report. Your order will be shipped from our warehouse in Carrollton, Texas. You can expect delivery in 3-5 business days.

  • 6. Receive Your Payment

    We’ll pay your fundraising profit within 3 business days by check, PayPal or bank transfer. We’ll ask for your preferred payment method at the time of booking.

We'd love to support you with your next fundraiser

Remember socks are one of THE most popular product fundraisers right now. Here's what to do next.

  • Exclusive Wholesale Pricing

    Our socks sell at a discounted price of $6 for children's socks and $8 for adult's socks using this service. This is the lowest price available online.

  • Track Individual Progress in a Team or Group

    Get up to 10 unique codes linked to your cause, and track the success of the individuals in your team or group.

  • Volume Bonus

    You receive $2 per pair sold, with a $50 bonus for every 100 pairs!

  • Free Shipping

    Orders over 100 pairs ship for free. Orders under 100 pairs are charged a $25 Shipping & Admin fee.

  • Secure Online Ordering & Payment Portal

    Our secure website takes care of ordering and payment. That means no tallying order forms and no collecting money!

  • High Quality Socks in Super Fun Designs

    We knit high quality cotton socks in tried and true designs. People love our socks so much, they want to buy more.

  • Online Support From Your Dedicated Sockspert

    Your Fundraising Coordinator will be available throughout your fundraiser to support you.

  • Personalized Fundraiser Dashboard

    Take control with your personalized Fundraiser Dashboard! See your fundraising progress at any stage of your fundraiser.

Fundraise with a product that people love to gift!

Holiday season is coming! Help your community purchase gifts for their loved ones all while raising funds for your cause. Here's what you need to do.

  • Our No Disappointment Guarantee means we'll accept your order, no matter how many socks you sell. There's no minimum order when you fundraise with us.

    This is a 100% Risk Free Fundraiser for you!

Ready to start a fundraising frenzy?

It's time to fundraise with a product that people LOVE to buy.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do we share this fundraiser with our supporters?

Share your personalized link to promote your fundraiser.

How do we get paid?

We make payment by check, PayPal or bank deposit within 3 days of the end of your fundraiser.

Do we get to choose the socks for our fundraiser?

Your fundraisers have access to our entire sock catalog!

How do we sign up for this service?

Just fill out our easy online booking form on this page.

How much do we earn?

You raise $2 per pair of socks sold, with a $50 bonus for every 100 pairs sold!

Do you charge payment processing fees?

This is a fee free fundraiser. We don't charge payment processing fees to your supporters.

Is there a minimum order?

There is no minimum order.

How much does shipping cost?

Orders of 100+ pairs of socks ship free of charge. Orders under 100 pairs will be charged a $25 Shipping & Administration fee.

How do we keep track of our sales?

You have access to your own personalized Fundraiser Dashboard, which shows your live fundraiser stats! See how many orders you have received and how much you have raised at any stage of your fundraiser!

Can I order a sample to see the quality of your socks?

You sure can. We offer sample packs of four pairs of socks at a discounted price so you can show your supporters the quality and size of our socks. Each pack contains one pair of socks in size extra small, small, medium and large. You can purchase a sample pack here.

How much do the socks cost?

Socks cost $6 for children's socks, and $8 for adults socks.

Who are the socks delivered to?

Socks are delivered to your fundraising organization. You will need to sort the socks into orders to distribute to fundraisers using the individual order report provided.