Fundraise with a Product that People LOVE to Buy!

Fundraise With Socks

We know fundraising is a tough gig. We've got years of 'in the trenches' fundraising experience, and we know that finding exciting new fundraising ideas is always a challenge.

We have the perfect solution for you - a sock fundraiser!

Did You Know That 50% of Individuals Buy Socks as Gifts?

ESPECIALLY for the holiday season. With Sockable Fundraising, you're fundraising with an in-demand product, setting yourself up for fundraising SOCKcess!

Best of all, we make fundraising easy, with a range of options to suit your needs. Whether you prefer to fundraise in person, fully online or anything inbetween, we're sure you'll find your fundraising fit with Sockable!

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Here's Why Organizations Love Fundraising With Sockable Socks

Universally Loved Product - Easily sell socks to a wide audience because everybody wears socks! This broad appeal ensures high sales potential to support your fundraising goals.

Practical and Everyday Necessity - Socks are a practical, everyday necessity, which means supporters are more likely to purchase them regularly.

Non Perishable - Socks are non-perishable, meaning they won't expire or go bad. There are no time constraints to sell compared to food based product fundraisers.

Easy to Store and Transport - Socks are compact and lightweight, making them easy to store and transport for fundraising events or distribution. This simplifies logistics for organizers.

Year Round Appeal - Socks are not limited to a specific season or occasion. They have year-round appeal, providing continuous fundraising opportunities for organizations throughout the year.

Sustainable and Eco-Friendly - many people appreciate sustainable products. Fundraising with a sustainable product will attract environmentally conscious supporters, and boost your product sales.

Variety of Fundraising Options - our range of fundraising packages accommodates different goals and budgets. You can select the package that aligns perfectly with your fundraising objectives, ensuring a seamless and successful campaign.

Double Down on Your Fundraising - at the end of your fundraising event, hold a silly sock day and raise even more funds for your cause! It's a great way to maximize your fundraising with minimal extra effort!

  • Online ShipTogether Fundraiser

    High Profit In-Person Fundraising with Ready to Sell Sock Packs

    It's a fun way to fundraise with a BIG 50% profit! Purchase Fundraising Sock Packs and sell socks at our in person RRP to raise funds for your cause.

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  • Online ShipToHome Fundraiser

    Hands-Free Online Fundraising With Direct Delivery to Buyer

    This hands-free, fully online fundraiser has no upfront costs and access to our entire sock catalog! We'll process your orders online, and deliver them right to your customer's door. All you need to do is promote your fundraiser. We'll take care of the rest!

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We'd Love to Support You With Your Next Fundraiser

Remember socks are one of THE most popular product fundraisers right now. Here's what to do next.

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