Frequently Asked Questions

Online ShipToHome

How do we share this fundraiser with our supporters?

Share your personalized link to promote your fundraiser.

How do we get paid?

We make payment by check, PayPal or bank deposit within 3 days of the end of your fundraiser.

Do we get to choose the socks for our fundraiser?

Your fundraisers have access to our entire sock catalog!

How do we sign up for this service?

Just fill out our easy online booking form on this page.

How much do we earn?

You raise $2 per pair of socks sold, with a $50 bonus for every 100 pairs sold!

Do you charge payment processing fees?

This is a fee free fundraiser. We don't charge payment processing fees to your supporters.

How much does shipping cost?

Flat rate shipping $5.95, orders over $50 ship free.

How do we keep track of our sales?

You have access to your own personalized Fundraiser Dashboard, which shows your live fundraiser stats! See how many orders you have received and how much you have raised at any stage of your fundraiser!

How much do the socks cost?

Socks cost $7.99 for children's socks, and $11.99 for adults socks.

Who are the socks delivered to?

Socks are delivered directly to the purchaser.

Fundraising Sock Packs

How many pairs are there in a pack?

There are 12 high quality pairs of socks in each pack.

How much do we earn?

If you sell the socks at our in person RRP of $6 for children's sizes and $8 for adult sizes, you will earn 50% profit. Choose a higher sell price and make more profit for your organization.

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping is free for all orders of 10 packs or more. A flat rate shipping fee of $10.95 applies to all orders under 10 packs.

Can I return socks ordered through your Fundraising Sock Packs?

We know you will love all our socks and we know you won't have any problems selling them. Unfortunately due to the current economic situation we are unable to accept any returns on unsold socks.


Can I order a sample to see the quality of your socks?

You sure can. We offer sample packs of four pairs of socks at a discounted price so you can show your supporters the quality and size of our socks. Each pack contains one pair of socks in size extra small, small, medium and large. You can purchase a sample pack here.

Is there a minimum order?

There is no minimum order.

What are the socks made from?

The socks are a cotton blend. Made from 80% cotton, nylon, and elastane.

What if the socks are faulty?

We have a high standard at Sockable Fundraising®. If you encounter a quality issue with our socks, please send a photo of the socks and an explanation of the problem to and we will look into it for you. We want all of our sock customers to be happy with their products. 

Can we pay by check?

Yes. Post your check to:

Sockable Fundraising USA LLC

2186 Jackson Keller Rd, Suite 2087, San Antonio, TX 78213