Christmas Fundraising

Fundraise with the Magic of Christmas Socks 🎅🧦

Looking for a Christmas Fundraising Idea? Our Christmas socks are a really fun way to raise funds. Let us share a little secret that you might not know - there's a magical fundraising elf that helps you raise even more funds at this time of year!

We're excited to introduce you to...the Magic of Christmas Socks!

Stress Free Shopping

With our fundraiser, you're not just raising funds, you're simplifying Christmas shopping for your community. They can cross gifts off their list with these delightful socks, knowing they're supporting your cause.

Much Loved Gifts

Christmas socks are not just socks; they're a much loved tradition. Parents, teachers, students and families all love them, making them an easy and joyful sell.

Magical for Kids

Kids love Christmas! Parents know their little ones (and big ones) love to wake up to Christmas socks in their stockings. It's a small touch that adds magic to their holiday season.

Create Memories

Christmas is all about making memories, and our Christmas Sock Fundraiser offers a unique opportunity to do just that. Imagine families coming together, all wearing socks on Christmas Day - a memory that will last a lifetime.

Did You Know That 50% of Individuals in the USA Give Socks as Gifts?

Offering socks as a fundraiser is one of the hottest fundraisers right now, ESPECIALLY during the holiday season. With Sockable Fundraising USA, you're fundraising with an in-demand product, setting yourself up for fundraising SOCKcess!

Here's Why Organizations Love Fundraising With Christmas Socks

Festive Appeal - Christmas socks are a universally loved gift for the holiday season. Organizations love fundraising with Christmas socks because they capture the festive spirit and create excitement among supporters!

High Demand - During the holiday season, people are actively seeking unique and meaningful gifts. Christmas socks are in high demand, making them an attractive fundraising product.

Practical and Versatile - Christmas socks are a practical gift that everyone can use. They can be work, displayed or gifted, making them a versatile product that appeals to a wide audience.

Profit Potential - Christmas sock fundraisers are super profitable! The combination of desirable products and high demand means that you can achieve your fundraising goals more easily.

Community Building -Fundraising with Christmas socks brings communities together. Supporters ccan purchase and wear socks as a symbol of their support.

Discover the Magic of fundraising with Christmas Socks today!

  • 1. Choose Your Fundraiser

    We offer a range of fundraising solutions to suit your needs. Choose the fundraiser that best suits your organization.

  • 2. Make a Date

    Choose your start date and get ready to fundraise!

  • 3. Sell Your Socks

    Share your event with your supporters and friends. Everyone wears socks, and holiday socks are a super fun product that people love to buy.

We'd Love To Support You With Your Next Fundraiser

Remember socks are one of THE most popular product fundraisers right now. Here's what to do next.

  • Easy Ordering & Delivery

    Our streamlined ordering process and efficient delivery ensure that you get your Christmas sock on time with no fuss.

  • Profit Potential

    You can expect a profitable fundraising experience. Christmas socks are a product your supporters will love to buy, making it easier for you to reach your goals.

  • Happy Supporters

    Expect your supporters to be thrilled with their festive Christmas socks, knowing that their purchase is supporting a meaningful cause during the holiday season.

  • High Quality Socks in Super Fun Designs

    Expect to receive top-quality cotton socks in tried and true designs. Our designs are crafted to capture the holiday spirit!

Fundraise with a product that people love to gift!

Holiday season is coming! Help your community purchase gifts for their loved ones all while raising funds for your cause. Here's what you need to do.

Can This Fundraiser Work For You?

Here are some of the types of organizations that we have helped to raise funds for their cause!

  • Schools

    Scout Groups

    Booster Clubs

    Animal Rescues

    Veterans' Groups

    Religious Groups

    Childcare Centers

    Animal Shelters

    Non Profits

    Charity Groups

  • Social Clubs


    Girl Guides

    Youth Sports Teams

    Community Centres

    PTAs and PTOs

    Community Gardens

    Alumni Associations

    Cultural Organizations

    Senior Centres

  • Youth Sports Teams

    Community Centres

    PTAs and PTOs

    Community Gardens

    Alumni Associations

    Cultural Organizations

    Senior Centres

    Music Bands

    Boys Brigades

    Dance Troupes