Cheerleader Fundraising Ideas

Cheerleader Fundraising Ideas

Cheerleading fundraisers are the ultimate in small group fundraising. Cheerleaders possess boundless energy, determination, and loads of contacts (for potential supporters).

Harnessing all this energy and enthusiasm can be a challenge, but having the right cheerleading fundraiser is a great start. You want to leverage their skills by giving them an exciting fundraising product to sell.

So, what cheerleading fundraising ideas will generate excitement?

In this blog, we'll consider three types of cheer fundraisers. Each involves doing something a little different, each of them is easy to do, and each fundraiser packs a profit punch.

Cheer Fundraiser #1

One unique approach for a cheerleading fundraiser is offering custom posters of school sports teams or of the cheerleaders themselves. 

For instance, feature the team photo of the football team, or use a series of action photos. Each can be turned into a wall-sized poster or a fundraising calendar.

Add some allure to these cheerleading fundraisers by including your game schedule or team slogan printed on it in a contrasting color.

You could also design one to celebrate your championship teams, commemorate your previous titles, intensify a cross-town rivalry, recognize all of your school's sports teams on a spirit poster, or feature the cheerleading squad in action. 

Any of these items is sure to be popular with a wide range of students. Local businesses will often buy one to put in their front window. Players will want a souvenir copy suitable for end-of-season autographs. Proud parents and grandparents will want their own keepsake copy.

The posters can be sold easily at pep rallies, sporting events, through the school store, and by the cheerleaders themselves via a merchant table at a high-traffic location on a weekend. 

Think of creative ways to design and market your own unique set of cheerleading posters. Consider adding merchant sponsor logos to reduce the cost. You could also cross-promote with another school on a rivalry poster and double the overall market.

Cheer Fundraiser #2

Another idea for cheerleading fundraising is selling customized Holiday Greetings CD's. This is a brochure or order-taker sale of a personalized selection of holiday music favorites.

One of the nice things about this product is that a purchaser selects their ten favorite holiday songs by checking off boxes on a list of thirty classics. 

Included in the choices are favorites such as Let It Snow, White Christmas, Jingle Bells, and Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas.

These are licensed copies of the original recordings by the original artists, assembled on a personalized CD that costs your group a mere $4 each. 

A retail price of $10 coupled with the ability for the customer to order a personalized message on each copy, make these a great cheerleading fundraiser.

The CD's are available in six basic designs - Singing Snow Men, Rudolph, Christmas Tree, Peace On Earth, Kwanzaa, and Happy Hanukkah. 

There is room for a holiday greeting of up to thirty characters on each design. For example, the Christmas Tree version has the phrase "Merry Christmas" in green and red, with space below it for a "From the XYZ Family" greeting. 

Shipments are sorted by salesperson and customer, making your delivery a very simple task indeed. 

Cheer Fundraiser #3

A third type of cheerleading fundraiser that creates an air of excitement is selling socks! Sockable Fundraising is a fun and effective way for cheerleaders to raise money for their squad. The concept involves selling unique and colorful socks that can be worn for special occasions or as a fashion statement. Cheerleaders can wear themed socks during performances to showcase the fundraiser and create a sense of team spirit.

One of the advantages of sockable fundraising is that socks are a practical and affordable item that people use on a daily basis. The wide variety of designs available also allows for a diverse customer base to participate in the fundraiser. Supporters of the cheerleading squad, family members, and friends can purchase the socks, making it easy for anyone to contribute to the fundraiser.

The funds raised through sockable fundraising can be used to cover the cost of cheerleading uniforms, equipment, travel expenses, and other needs that the squad may have. Overall, sockable fundraising provides a simple and enjoyable way for cheerleaders to raise funds while engaging with their community and showcasing their team spirit.


All three of these fundraising products will add some excitement to your next cheerleading fundraiser. 

When all the participants are enthusiastic about offering something new and unique, it packs a powerful profit punch. 

Here's to making your next cheer fundraiser a resounding success.


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