Bulk Buy Socks

We offer fundraisers the opportunity to purchase our best selling, high quality socks at wholesale prices. This fundraiser is idea for your in person fundraising event.

How does it work?

It's easy! Just head to our bulk buy page, and select socks in any size or design for your upcoming fundraiser. You can mix and match any combination.

How much do we raise?

Set your own selling price and skyrocket your fundraising! If you sell socks for $12 per pair, selling 500 pairs would raise $3000!

What socks are available?

You can choose any socks from our bulk buy collection for your fundraiser.

Is there a minimum order?

Our minimum order is 30 pairs. We provide free shipping for orders over 100 pairs.

How do we pay?

Order and pay for your chosen socks online using one of our many payment methods. We'll ship your socks as soon as your payment has been received. We ship next business day from our Texas warehouse, and delivery can be expected within 3-6 days.

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